Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Christmas Letter 2019

Amid today’s chaos and cruelty, it would be easy to lose heart. Fire and floods engulf the planet, and there may be worse to come. Hatred stalks the land and much of the world. Dishonor, cronyism, bigotry, and conspiracist paranoia seem now to be governing principles in our democracy. It is a dark time for our country and for all of humankind.

Yet it is also a time when we celebrate hope, light, and love, when we remember the past and look to the future, and when we draw strength from our families, our friends, our community, and our traditions. In a year like 2019, the end of year holidays are more important than ever.

We celebrate hope most of all. Without hope, we cannot create the future that we need to create if we are to save the planet that is our only home. Without hope, we lose courage and learn fear. Without hope, we are frozen in place, unable to move forward when that is what we must do.

We celebrate light because with it, we can find our way. Without it, we will be lost in literal darkness and in the darkness of ignorance.

We celebrate love because without love, without cooperation and compassion, our species cannot long survive. Alone, we are frightened, hopeless, and weak. In community with others, we can be courageous, hopeful, and strong.

We remember the past, not because can return to it or because we are destined to repeat it, but because by understanding it we can better understand ourselves. We can build on the good we have done and begin to right past wrongs.

Let us celebrate hope, light, and love, and together build a future for our planet and for all of us.